n3zik rfk8t k9t44 ybsyn n67zk r3d96 6ntr3 777f5 ny58i tsnab 5n72a fd3kd tftbz f8sbe is3bn az7nz 9e966 ab83r ah2ti h3h45 nbhdd [USA-MD][H] Asus ROG Phone 2 512GB ver. [W] PayPal |

[USA-MD][H] Asus ROG Phone 2 512GB ver. [W] PayPal

2021.09.27 21:36 Dogemeatlives [USA-MD][H] Asus ROG Phone 2 512GB ver. [W] PayPal

Hey all! This is the unlocked 512gb/12gb variant, aka the BEEG Chungus and not the Tencent version.
There are two visible scratches on the screen (pictured) but the back is near perfect. Additionally, the power button recently started to be fairly mushy. Without a case, the button is pretty difficult to press, but with one, it's not bad. After some research, it seems like this did become a hardware issue for this particular device after some time. I dealt with it fine and you can still use knock to wake/sleep and everything else is perfectly fine, hardware and software wise.
Phone comes with original box and accessories (minus the og case cause it snapped in half. RIP) including the cooler, charger, paperwork, the sweet box and extra cooler nubbins.
--Looking for $600 shipped--
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2021.09.27 21:36 IWatchCensoredPorn Azelf raid 8406 5164 3610

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2021.09.27 21:36 41percentlol41 notify me

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2021.09.27 21:36 Throwawaytoday303 Poor Mella.

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2021.09.27 21:36 Derangedbuffalo I’ve been unwell for a week or so and I haven’t eaten much. Why is eating making me have dizzy spells and hot sweats?

F25/175lbs/a week/uk/non smokeno alcohol
I’ve got some ongoing stomach issue that is undiagnosed and awaiting a camera to see what’s happening. Because of indigestion and bloating and always feeling full I haven’t had an appetite at all and I’ve actually lost 7lbs since Friday. I don’t remember when I had a hot meal last week and I didn’t realise how little I must have eaten until I weighed myself (I’d lost weight the first time but unsure over the time frame).
Now every time I eat I get this heat spread through my body and I feel so unwell. My stomach feels like when you have a stomach bug but I can’t go to the toilet (I am going a little now and again outside of these spells so I know I’m not constipated) I get very nauseous and light heated and just feel horrible. This lasts usually around 30mins - 1 hour.
Is this just because my stomach is empty? Can anything help reduce this? Or is this just a case of waiting? Any idea how long it might take? Thank uo
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2021.09.27 21:36 giuliomagnifico Pfizer begins study of oral drug for prevention of COVID-19

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2021.09.27 21:36 deadinsidethrowaway9 Had to end a great relationship

I met a girl on Tinder over a year ago and it surprisingly developed into a relationship unexpectedly. It was honestly one of the more stable relationships I’ve ever had. It was only supposed to be a hookup, or two or three but I got so much more. She took a new job and was really stressed. The job is demanding and high stress and at the same time she was finishing school. We were seeing less and less of each other over the past two months. She would desperately make plans to see me and would be exhausted and stressed. The more I watched her suffer, the more it hurt me. I thought about it for weeks and finally ended things. My heart was so broken and still is over a week later. I was devastated just thinking of breaking up and actually doing it hurt so bad. She was an amazing girl and I loved her so much, but she deserves to pursue her dreams and not stress about us having dinner plans or spending time together. I’m slowly removing her from socials now and trying to get my shit together. It’s really hard and this is more of an off my chest post. Although my heart is broken and this sucks, I love that I found someone that made me feel so good. Her smile always made my day better but watching her struggling to balance a career she fought so hard to get along with a relationship with me, was too much. I hope by setting her free, that she is able to pursue her dreams knowing that we didn’t fuck our relationship up, the timing just wasn’t right. I’m going to be alright but I think I’m going to have a long road in front of me before I feel whole again. Thanks for reading.
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2021.09.27 21:36 chegindiauniversity9 Sankalchand Patel University — [SPU], Visanagar

The Sankalchand Patel University (SPU) was established in 2016 located in Mehsana, Gujarat, India. The SPU University is a private type of university approved by “UGC” which select students for admission on merit or entrance test basis basis which offered Bachelor’, Master’s, and PH.D degree in various feilds which supports only full time mode of education. The SPU main agenda is to promote the education and socio-cultural things. The SPU consists of 13 colleges and 2 different schools on different campuses. Also it provides a good infrastructure which makes it more impressing campus. SPU holds the excellence in learning, development and research in various fields which gives value-based education to students from beginning.
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2021.09.27 21:36 ppineapleonpizza Can you name shows that fits this description?

This is going to be a bit vague because when I watched that show I had a fever and slept through most of it. I watched this on a friend's house but he he doesn't remember either and he deleted his netflix account. It wasn't an american/british show, I watched with subtitles but can't remember what language they were speaking. The main character is a boy and creates a website to sell drugs, the show was also set in high school (or college?)
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2021.09.27 21:36 m1kasa4ckerman The 114 being paid by private buildings

Hi everyone and apologies if this is something that everyone already knows. I just needed to share because I’m so thrown off by this.
I recently moved out of a building that had pretty questionable management. I won’t get into that part but something I noticed since Covid hit, was how there’d often be police coming into the building to use the bathroom, not wearing masks, having access cards to other entries, taking up parking etc. All very strange since the precinct is about a mile from where the building is.
I pried and pried, made complaints of the officers who weren’t wearing masks, etc and no one would give me answers.
The worst was back last year when some jerk was parked in the bike lane on Vernon one night and almost caused me to ride straight into oncoming traffic. I took a photo of his plate and he continued to follow me and threaten me and use homophobic slurs. Anyways, I got back to my building shaken up and figured I’d ask the officer who was leaving my building what to do. He basically shrugged me off and did absolutely nothing.
Fast forward to more recent, I came home one night and there’s an officer at the actual reception desk instead of our doormen. I asked him what was going on , thinking there was some emergency. I’d imagine he was a rookie because he straight up admitted to me that the building pays the precinct directly for extra “safety”. Nothing was going on, he was just fucking around and getting paid for it.
Is this legal? How does this factor into salaries and how is this even a thing when the 114 is entirely useless and does hardly anything for the community?
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2021.09.27 21:36 PotentialAgile951 I got a certificate of completion have any of you?

A certificate of completion is kind of like saying hey thanks for participating but you didn't win. It makes me feel terrible and like a failure when I think about it. I was in special education that's. Why Im trying to get my GED know so I feel like I accomplished something.
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2021.09.27 21:36 No_Firefighter8018 Please

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2021.09.27 21:36 cv81 OOTP22 "S13 E3: Season Stream" Colorado Rockies Rebuild 🗻 Aaron Shelan's Franchise Stories ⚾️

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2021.09.27 21:36 rralexanderr Can you connect more awair elements devices to a single phone ?

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2021.09.27 21:36 Srdtrk What does mass adoption REALLY look like?

A lot of users of cryptocurrencies talk about the day when most goods in the real world use bitcoin through a mobile phone wallet. Or the day when most financial applications’ backends are done in the blockchain. Some even believe banks will disappear.
However, mass adoption won’t probably look anything like what we imagine. Let’s speculate what might actually happen
I think mass adoption is achieved if whenever people need a specific use case, they know exactly which crypto project to go to and how, example:

I don’t think mass adoption will completely replace banks and etc in the next decade or two if ever. However, I think we’ve won when everyone is educated about crypto and know exactly where to go.
I also don’t think mass adoption can be top down like many cryptocurrency projects aim such as XRP but this is just my personal opinion. Let me know what you think!
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2021.09.27 21:36 Zackblast16 badang got his steel arms yoinked by paquito

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2021.09.27 21:36 developbc NEWS :PyroGenesis Signs Joint-Venture Agreement to Build and Operate Plants to Convert Aluminum Dross Residues into High Value Chemical Products

You can find the full news release at https://pro.ceo.ca/@nasdaq/pyrogenesis-signs-joint-venture-agreement-to-build
PyroGenesis Signs Joint-Venture Agreement to Build and Operate Plants to Convert Aluminum Dross Residues into High Value Chemical Products
MONTREAL, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (http://pyrogenesis.com) (NASDAQ: PYR) (TSX: PYR) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “PyroGenesis”), that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions to reduce greenhouse gases, is pleased to announce today that, further to its Q2 2021 financial results press release (section Outlook) dated August 16th, it has signed joint venture and license agreements (both agreements collectively the “JV”) with a leading residue processor (the “Partner”) to transform dross residues into high value chemical products.
“This is a very interesting addition to PyroGenesis’ offerings as it fits perfectly into PyroGenesis’ existing portfolio of waste management services offered to the aluminum industry, at a time when aluminum prices are making our core technology even more valuable. This JV not only solidifies our Drosrite™ offering, but it is also able to address a downstream problem that is increasingly plaguing the industry; namely, how to handle dross residues which are becoming more and more regulated and banned from landfills,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis. “This is the ultimate coffee & donut strategy where, with very little additional effort, we are able to sell, alongside Drosrite™, a separate compelling green solution, which also further secures Drosrite™’s commercial competitiveness.”
This 50:50 JV will be geared towards building, installing and operating dross residue valorization facilities worldwide. To this effect, PyroGenesis secured, through the JV, an exclusive license to a patented and novel technology which is expected to convert dross residues into high value chemical products. Under the terms of the JV, the exclusive access to the technology initially applies to projects in North America and in the Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Upon successful completion of the first project, the exclusive access to the technology will expand to include, for all sense and purposes, the majority of the world. These dross residues are currently either being (i) landfilled (which is increasingly becoming banned by regulators) or (ii) sold as cheap flux to the cement industry.
“We are increasingly finding that these residues are being stored pending a viable solution or are being treated with a very expensive technology to make them landfill acceptable,” said Mr. Alex Pascali, Senior Business Development Manager of PyroGenesis. “We find there is a significant opportunity to be able to offer, through the JV, an economically and environmentally sound solution to a serious problem facing the industry. Today’s announcement effectively secures PyroGenesis’ existing market position by building upon the Drosrite™ advantage and tapping into unseen value in the waste stream.”
The first plant, which will be built after securing a contract to process dross residues, has already been identified within the Gulf Region and discussions to secure and process those residues have already taken place. This facility is expected to be designed to process approximately 25,000 tonnes of aluminum dross residues per year and convert these aluminum dross residues into high margin products with an expected selling price of between USD$200 to $450 per tonne.
Aluminum dross is typically comprised of two elements: (i) aluminum metal (60%), and (ii) aluminum oxides (40%). PyroGenesis’ DROSRITE™ system can recover up to 98% of the aluminum metal fraction. It is this remaining 40% aluminum oxide (dross residues) material that is often landfilled or sold as a cheap additive. Following today’s announcement, it is expected that these residues could now be processed by the JV, and converted into high margin products, such as aluminum sulfate and ammonium sulfate, thereby transforming a waste stream and unlocking a potentially significant new revenue stream for the Company.
“We believe that this announcement is a game-changer for the aluminum industry, as it allows PyroGenesis to offer a complete on-site dross processing service delivering zero-landfill/reduced carbon solutions while at the same time increasing clients’ profitability. We believe that this has never been done before,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis. “By working closely with our clients, we have been able to witness firsthand the challenges facing their industry, and more importantly speak to operators and plant managers with respect to these issues. This provides us with invaluable insight upon which we can pitch engineering solutions as we have today. With this unique partnership, the JV enables PyroGenesis to include, amongst its offerings, another game changing environmentally friendly solution that converts residues destined for landfill. PyroGenesis is increasingly becoming a green solution to the aluminum industry. We expect to expand on this advantage both within the aluminum industry and, within other industries which are being faced with similar challenges.”
PyroGenesis’ DROSRITE™ system is a salt-free, cost-effective, sustainable process for maximizing metal recovery from dross, a waste generated in the metallurgical industry. PyroGenesis’ patented process avoids costly loss of metal while reducing a smelter’s carbon footprint and energy consumption, providing an impressive return on investment. The system has been designed to process and recover valuable metal such as aluminum, zinc and copper from dross.
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2021.09.27 21:36 friend4talking 55 M4F #Franklin County Pa Looking for daytime lonely mom connection

This is a very specific location I am looking for, must be between Shippensburg Pa and Hagerstown Md.
This is for during the hours children are in school and s bored mom looking for a little bit of excitement during that time.
I prefer you be over 35 years old, I am not shallow it isn’t important to be if you are short, tall, skinny or thick. I do prefer a woman with a few extra pounds.
I have no expectations and prefer we get to know one another and be friends before we go into something more. I usually am not on much in the evenings and I do have some talk time on the weekends. If that isn’t satisfactory for you then we are obviously not a match.
I have a beard and have for a long time, if you are not a fan of men with big beards you will definitely not like me.
I don’t and never will claim to be a Ken looking for Barbie, if that I’d what you desire I’m sorry I am a man with a bit of a dad bod, 5’10, 180.
Finally I don’t and have never been a man that is concerned with a person’s race. I do not have a specific racecourse I’m looking for. Something far more important than that is honesty. I will always be honest and straight forward I ask the same of you.
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2021.09.27 21:36 AdAdministrative5611 🐶 Doge Ice - World's Coolest Token | DOGE Rewards to all holders! | Based Devs | Huge Marketing Plans | 100X Incoming 🐶

🐶 Doge Ice - World's Coolest Token | DOGE Rewards to all holders! | Based Devs | Huge Marketing Plans | 100X Incoming 🐶
Doge Ice is the coolest BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. How? Because we have the coolest Devs, Logo, marketing plans, possible use-case and as a result, we will have the coolest community!
This project has is not just a meme coin with no function. We have huge plans to be a part of the staking options in other platforms while at the same we are targeting to launch our own swap on the second half of 2022. Additionally, thanks to the name of our token, we are targeting to point out the danger of global warming. We are also planning to make some donations to increase awareness. Come support our cause, Earn DogeCoin while holding Shiba Ice.
With huge targets, expecting to have a great community to make this a success for everyone! Huge rewarding token, low taxes with a use-case will be our key to success. Please check our website for the detailed roadmap and be a part of the coolest community!
Coingecko will be fast-tracked once we collect the necessary funds for it after launch.
Huge marketing plans
Reddit Marketing
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Listing on Various Coin sites for exposure
Poocoin Banner
Shilling Contest
Meme Contest
More to Come
The Tokenomics
💲 8% DogeCoin Reflections
🗣 1% Marketing
🚰 1% Added to Liquidity
Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀
🔹 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6feb77ba43b3da39a952693cf664d948197b46bf
🔹 Contract: 0x6feb77ba43b3da39a952693cf664d948197b46bf
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6feb77ba43b3da39a952693cf664d948197b46bf#readContract
🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x352fbffa9af6b6965a4f44da4a55e3d30eebce9a
What are you waiting for ? Join the Doge Ice community in the BSC
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2021.09.27 21:36 The_Golden_Warthog Chalk = idk, about 1kg?

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2021.09.27 21:36 Random_hootowl000 Hehe

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2021.09.27 21:36 CartierLaird Missed the sacrifice. Will this theory work to buy Pulse coin for maximum benefit?

Hey guys, so as my research concludes we will receive a 1 to 1 copy of our current eHex to pHex. So to benefit and get as much free pHex as possible, if we purchase more eHex, get the free duplicate, then turn that eHex into ETH, then purchase PLS with that ETH?
This way guarantees we don’t have to sell any of the new pHex, and ends up giving us more free coins on the airdrop. Am I missing something? What do you think.
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2021.09.27 21:36 dreclub magevr lockpicking perks

I want to get info on this before leveling lockpicking perks, what ordinator perks do/dont work with magevr immersive picking?
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2021.09.27 21:36 Little_Shark219 Hey beginners,

Sub-cleric, it's not my fault if you die because you tried playing a quest that's too high for your level. I can't heal you if you're already dead from being one-shot by a mon on the first wave.
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2021.09.27 21:36 Sike1dj My Omni came today!

My Omni came today, and I'm super stoked to mess with it after work. I opened it up, and installed the batteries and the Jesse Dean puck, and plugged it in before I walked out the door for the day.
What do you guys suggest I do outside of calibrating the faders before giving it it's maiden run?
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