Download Precalculus Mathematics for Calculus 7th Edition PDF Ð James Stewart; Redlin; Watson PDF

2021.09.27 20:32 Umbra65 Download Precalculus Mathematics for Calculus 7th Edition PDF Ð James Stewart; Redlin; Watson PDF

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2021.09.27 20:32 lingching12 Is anyone else experiencing audio issues after the update?

Specifically, the gun audio is very muted compared to the rest of the game audio which sounds normal.
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2021.09.27 20:32 chacaranda Just rewatched TLC

I haven’t seen it in about 4 years but it’s always been one of my favorite movies of all time. Just rewatched last night with some people who had never seen it, and I have to say it’s even better than I remembered. It’s just about a perfect movie - the characters are all great and established well, it’s got incredible music, it’s got the mystery, suspense, history, action, drama and everything that makes movies so magical. It also has (IMO) the perfect amount of kitsch. Just campy enough to not be overly serious and to take some weird turns, but not outright goofy. Watching with a big group was so fun, the jokes were all landing and are always funnier with others, and you can just see everyone get absorbed into it. 3 people told me they planned to leave halfway through but then couldn’t bring themselves to do it.
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2021.09.27 20:32 AlcoholBlur Sono interessato al tuo ARTICOLO

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2021.09.27 20:32 kojocel Breaking Wheel on Executioner's Blade. I love all the nice touches KCD has.

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2021.09.27 20:32 riccardo_zanoni8 [Old News] I found this post on Twitter, it’s a good news

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2021.09.27 20:32 YourOwnBiggestFan The receptionist at Cranbrook School must now be really tired of prank calls asking for Clarence.

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2021.09.27 20:32 AutoGif Happy Selena Gomez GIF by HBO Max - Find & Share on GIPHY

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2021.09.27 20:32 Any_Shoulder_2820 Problem with my FPS.

So I used to play gta 5 on low settings with my iGPU (Vega 11) and I used to get a good 60 fps with it (Playable as well). Recently I bought GTX 1650 and I get around 90 FPS in high-ultra settings in singleplay whilst I only get around 40-50 in online with that same config. I tried to change my settings to everything low and I got around 55 fps in online (But in singleplay I got a LOT with low settings.)
And to end it, I google'd for a settings.xml for potato pcs and I got one (It was horrible.) but I only got around 60-70 fps with that horrible thing.. Ill uploading the footages.
Does anyone know a fix? Surely I'm supposed to get a lot more fps in the second video. Keep in mind I used to get 60+ fps with my igpu with better settings. Please help me!
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2021.09.27 20:32 worldsokayestclimb My wife left me for another parent in my kids class. Long.

My wife we'll call her N [F30] and I [F27] have been together for 10 years. We have a 6 year old daughter together. We had a beautiful relationship at first and then emotional cheating happened about 3 years ago on her end. We ended up separating twice and getting back together. Each time because I would move on and she would get jealous. We were back together for about 1.5 years and things weren't all that great. On the outside things were amazing but there was no intimacy and we were kind of going through the motions. I do love her and always wanted to make it work and for years I tried and begged her for the bare minimum.
About 6 months ago we met another family with a boy in the same class as my daughter. The family consisted of a husband, wife (we'll call her S), 2 kids and the wife's mom. Me and the wife's mom hit it off and were extremely close. We all got along fantastically and had a lot of fun and they would help me out with taking my daughter to school and picking her up. Life was really good. My wife and I were actually doing a little better. Eventually I did start to notice that she was going back into old habits and was giving S a lot of attention and I got jealous.
Long story, short- 4 days before my birthday we had a big blow up fight about her giving S so much attention. And my wife told me that I needed to leave. So I moved all the way across town, 30 minutes from my home and my daughter's school. S and her mom almost immediately shut me out. And N and S started hanging out every day. 2 weeks after I had moved out S ended up leaving her husband of 10 years and moving in with my wife. They are now living in my home with all 3 kids.
I not only lost my wife, only get to see my daughter every other week, but I feel betrayed by people I thought were my friends. My wife has told me that she feels the most happy, healthy, and balanced that she has ever felt in her life.
Any words of advice, similar situations, are appreciated.
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2021.09.27 20:32 ChrysolorasOfCorsica The Lot of Evil Men

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Why do the Stoics believe that evil men would abandon evil if they knew the benefits of being virtuous?
To most men, experience is knowledge, and with only an idea of how one should live and not having ever experienced it, how can evil men judge it to be a better way to live? So perhaps these men do reject virtue because they only have a conceptual understanding of it, but if they were to experience the benefits of virtue and rational thought, they would outright refuse ever to be evil. No man who experiences the contentment which comes with living according to nature would turn from it unless offered something better, but one cannot experience the benefits of being in tune with nature without dedication and sacrifice of regular desires, which they are unwilling to do.
The belief that men would abandon all in the face of the benefits of living according to nature is a bold one, and I feel it is important to outline the mindset of evil men in contrast to it to best explain why none would abandon it.
Evil men find themselves always living in the future or the past, meditating on what their competitors or enemies will do, they live in suspicion and spite. They move from one pleasure to the next and if they are cruel to one man they are not satisfied, rather they are cruel to the next one that comes along. They derive joy from this, but only a joy which temporarily hides the anxieties and insecurities they have. Much in the way that depressed people often distract themselves rather than be in their own heads with their destructive thoughts, so to evil men escape their minds as they are never at peace, and they cannot love themselves, and they cannot be content.
Contentedness is nothing more and nothing less than to be happy with what one has. Do you suppose that men who busy themselves always with getting ahead are content? And know this, every man wants to be free but few know what freedom is. They believe freedom is found in having great wealth, so they chase wealth for their whole lives, yet if they only decide not to care of wealth or reputation they could stop rushing through life and observe the wealth that surrounds them; the mountains, the forests, the dunes, the whole of life is open to him and instead of appreciating what surrounds him he seeks to own it. He does not even comprehend that if he did own it all it would not be for more than his lifetime, which is pathetically short in the span of all things.
Living according to nature is the acceptance of all things, of seeing evil actions and seeing them as rational ends for the people who commit them, for what beliefs were they raised with? What things are instilled within them? They live not questioning that which they have learned and their punishment is to be a slave to desire and aversion. If they are made poor they shall be miserable, if they become rich their happiness is fleeting and they must seek another thing to satisfy themselves. To see all evil actions as the logical end of people who do not question what they have learned or failed to learn allows us to be at peace with every evil act, we see the person perpetrating it as a person harming themselves just as much as anyone else, and unaware of it. For all things that befall a wise man, he will see them as indifferent, and say that his perspective defines all. The wise man cannot be harmed, for he gives not into desire nor aversion, and external pains do not harm his capacity for virtue, which is the only good. Evil men are constantly harmed, in not getting what they want they are miserable, in getting what they want they feel but a pittance of joy, and then move onto the next thing. They surround themselves with like minded people, who are equally hateful of weakness and vulnerability, and so they become jaded and incapable of being vulnerable, even to themselves. Tell me, who that is content with who he is would feel a need to hurt someone else? Who that loves himself would then need to indulge in the pain of others? To be mean or spiteful is to make others feel as less than themselves, and men do this because they want others to feel the pain they feel, if they were content they would not find any use for such a thing.
And consider also just the common man, who is not evil but also plagued by many of the same things. You will find that coworkers complain about this customer or that client, telling you that they are annoying and lack any empathy, while they themselves repeat the same thing of every customer which mildly affects them, embodying what they criticize. Think also of how much space these people occupy with their head, think of how much others remain in your own mind long after you’ve been irritated by them! To allow so much of your present time to be owned by others, what a tragic way to live.

“If someone tried to take control of your body and make you a slave, you would fight for freedom. Yet how easily you hand over your mind to anyone who insults you. When you dwell on their words and let them dominate your thoughts, you make them your master.” - Epictetus, Enchiridion
Men who are content want for nothing, and are averse of nothing. Their things may be stolen, their friends may die, anything may happen and they will find themselves still in tune with nature and grateful for life. This does not mean the Stoic does not grieve or have emotion, but rather that he recognizes even the unpleasant emotions not as a bad thing but rather the negative which must oppose the positive. I shall be sad when a friend dies, but I shall not mourn my sadness, I will welcome it with open arms, for what would I rather experience when a friend dies? People instead treat sadness with bitterness and hate, and add to their misery that way.
Do you suppose that any amount of riches help a man just hours from death, who must look at his life and himself, and find that he is no more happy than he ever was? That finds now that his ‘friends’ are eager to divide up his riches when he dies? They are plagued by regret, of thoughts of what could’ve been, because they only ever think of what should be or what could’ve been, never what is, and what a gift it is. Evil men believe joy lies in things or the amassing of great wealth, they cannot be blamed for being wrong, but their mistake is one which robs them of a good life, they are forever condemned to always be hungry for more, always to suspect other men of treachery, always to watch their backs and never to be vulnerable, never to love themselves and never to be truly and honestly loved by another, for is not the essence of love to be seen by another as you are and accepted regardless? They are so critical of vulnerability that being loved appears an invasion of themselves. It makes them uncomfortable when someone recognizes their vulnerability when they have tried so hard never to think of it. No greater curse could you place on these men than eternal life. Death is the end of all of their insecurities, anxieties, hates and wants. Death is a mercy, but they spend all their time prolonging a life which has them running about like hungry rats, never content, and never truly happy.
Yet they have the power, just as you and I do, to change, and to regret nothing, and to accept all that comes to them, and to abandon desire and aversion, and to view virtue as the only good. To do this is to find oneself in utter peace, and whenever that peace is disturbed, we can retire into the mind and bring that peace back. We can find ourselves content no matter the circumstance, and what could be better than this? Would you trade long lasting and uninterruptible peace for the small joy of causing pain, which is first born of self hatred? No man would, but these men do not enjoy the benefits of what they do not practice, so they continue in error thinking that their pursuits will help them. No man is free to act freely until he can question his beliefs, and so they are slaves and believe themselves willing. It is the awareness of our preconceptions and founded beliefs which allow us to act against them, these men have not yet woken up to their beliefs, so they must be like a man unaware that he is in a play with a script, and he could break out of his role if only he saw that he was in a play, but how can one perceive these things when they are so focused on ascending a hierarchy of equally miserable souls?
The Stoics say that men who are blind have a physical disadvantage, but those who are morally blind are not even capable of seeing that they are perpetually unhappy.
How can I feel anger at such men? I pity them, and I know I cannot convince them except through example, for if they were to imprison me and subject me to torture, I would still only find pity for them, and if they came to see that I was contented no matter what happened to me, they would wonder how it is that I need nothing more than myself to be happy, and they would be envious, perhaps envious enough to learn how to live a better life. The powerful always seek to become more powerful, what is more powerful than being unchanged by any circumstance? The things they inflict on others affect me not, and what can this do except confuse and befuddle him?
Nothing is more confusing to a man who hates himself than unconditional love, a love which considers no evil he has done nor any thing he owns, a love which is focused completely upon him and just him, a love that wants nothing to change or be altered, a love which finds someone as they are and accepts them, how might a person react to such a thing when they cannot even find love for anyone, let alone themselves?
Whatever beliefs they may have, unconditional love is bound to shake at the foundations, unconditional love rejects all ideas of hierarchies or wealth or what makes a man worth something, and there it is, face to face with him. What he cannot give to himself, no matter how hard he tries, is given to him not in exchange for anything, but just given for no other reason than there is no other thing to do, he ought to be loved because it is in our nature to see past faults and see the hurt beneath, to view the evil not as monstrous giants, but scared children. To see those who have caused great pain as nothing more than lost and pained souls, to find yourself weeping for them, because you cannot imagine what they have endured to become so lost, but to know how awful it must be to live like that. The cruel appear to me as amputated men, not an amputation of the arm or leg, but of the rational faculty which is the key to a good life. Bloody or broken I find myself to be in order and living in tune with nature, but these men are twisted and mangled further than any crippled man has ever been, for their very soul is hateful of its existence, and on they go surviving, but never living.
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2021.09.27 20:32 AutoGif Selena Gomez Cooking GIF by HBO Max - Find & Share on GIPHY

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2021.09.27 20:32 heinaga1989 🌖Presale Almost Over🌖 Next Generation Compound Reward Token | Dual-Injection Mining Protocol + Burn = Payouts Always Increase📈

The future of sustainable reward tokens! Lunar Mining is a new deflationary BNB payout token that operates through multiple compound mining pool protocols on top of dividend rewards! The first dual-passive payout protocol!
💥 Presale Info:
(BNB) Presale Address: 0x14858945D2E4D77379F6b9f019c79504B792d43a
🌖 What is the purpose of LUNAR?
LUNAR’s goal is to generate passive income for its holders using sustainable growth methods - so no one has to worry about token value volatility affecting rewards payouts and holding would earn more than if they invested on their own.
🌖 So what makes LUNAR special?
LUNAR is unique from other payout tokens since its payout protocol does not rely on trading volume. So when the trading volume dumps the payouts to holders do not decrease because payouts are not tied to the market volume or value of the token. In addition to that, LUNAR utilizes a paired mining pool injection so that the mining pool is continuously growing even when the market is experiencing extreme volatility.
🌖 How exactly does LUNAR make this work?
LUNAR establishes its primary mining pool in CAKE and BNB/Stablecoin Staking. LUNAR charges a transaction fee on every buy/sell. 2% of this fee is burned and 8% is directly sent to the mining pool. The burning of the tokens decreases the available total supply of the token, increasing the percentage of the token every holder has. Thus increasing the rewards each holder earns (increasing percentage of holdings = increasing rewards).
In addition to this, 90% of the mining pool profits are automatically distributed to all holders in BNB and the remaining 10% of profits is injected back into the mining pool. The 10% injection back into the mining pool ensures that the mining pool is ALWAYS GROWING and holders are ALWAYS seeing increased reward payouts even when there is no market activity.
🌖 Why should I hold LUNAR instead of another reward token?
Other reward tokens rely on market volume so they end up pumping hard initially and then dumping. Some people get lucky but most are left with a massive loss as the value of the coin drops. When the market drops their payouts never even help them breakeven, even if they sell. So everyone who tried to HODL loses out. This method of tokenomics leaves tokens highly vulnerable to botting as well.
Since LUNAR relies on methods other than the market volume those who HODL never have to worry about their investment failing!
🌖 Alright, you’ve convinced me. How do I buy LUNAR?
Right now, LUNAR is in the presale phase. You can contribute to the presale by sending BNB to the following presale wallet address:
If you buy during the presale, you can get LUNAR at a cheaper price than the launch price. You will be able to buy more of the token on PancakeSwap once the token launches. Check out their website for more in-depth instructions on how to buy.
🌖 Here is the breakdown of LUNAR’s tokenomics:
Total Supply: 1000000000 80% - Presale Allocation 10% - Liquidity 6% - Marketing 4% - Development
Mining Pool: 10% - Mining Pool Injection 90% - BNB Holder Reflection
Transaction Fees: 10% - BNB Reflections 10% - Mining Pool Injection 2% - Automated Liquidity Generation 3% - Automated Buyback 2% - Periodic Buyback Burn
Links: Website - Twitter - Telegram -
Reach out to the devs on telegram if you have any questions. They are super responsive!
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2021.09.27 20:32 Winter_Beyond4948 My Portfolio

Should I build my portfolio with just HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. Or should I use a framework/ bootstrap?
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2021.09.27 20:32 Time-Dependent-6988 Silver Squad Objective PS5

Anyone wanna trade wins on Silver Squad PS5
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2021.09.27 20:32 VinZuh I'm experiencing bruxism? That situation can been overcome?

I am experiencing a very anxious situation, never experienced before (I am 20 years old) recently I began to notice that I often grit my teeth, almost without being able to relax them, I do not put much pressure while I squeeze them, but still it is a strange situation, very often I feel strange teeth, hips and jaws slightly sore, but also I do not understand if I do it even while I sleep all this, however the question arises, when I begin to improve my anxious situation (I am following a path psychological) could I overcome this bruxism?
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2021.09.27 20:32 equanimatic Anyone else had foot surgery? How long did it last?

I had foot surgery a little over three years ago to put screws in the joints of my big toe. Before the surgery, i was taping my feet every day and walking was incredibly painful. Afterwards, i had no pain (yay!)
Fast forward and after being less mobile during the pandemic I'm back to walking a ton like i used to. But my foot is not happy. It's not nearly as painful as before, but its significantly sore. Especially in the joint where i had surgery.
I thought after a while my foot would adjust to walking around but its been over a month and I'm still having pain.
Anyone else experience this? I'll head to the podiatrist when i head home for break but that's not until december. I'll probably try and break out the tape again haha
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2021.09.27 20:32 needs_more_yoy The sun explodes. What do you do?

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2021.09.27 20:32 puck1996 I don't know if this makes me more or less nervous for my October retake...

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2021.09.27 20:32 Rag1hit [HELP] PLDT 5G speed issues

My cousin has a PLDT connection. When she connects to the PLDT modem/router 5G Wi-Fi network, she gets a speed of 200mbps. There is a TPLink router in the next room (around 5-10 meters away) which is connected to the PLDT modem/router via Ethernet. When she connects to the TPLink 5G Wi-Fi, her speed is only 50-100mbps. How can we fix this? TIA!
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2021.09.27 20:32 ObedientPickle What trivial word do you hate and why?

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2021.09.27 20:32 Stop_Banning_Me21 Stupid personal essay when will they learn i have no life 🙄🙄🙄

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2021.09.27 20:32 Sea-Ad5531 Foliculitis

I get this on the back of my neck, usually after using clippers. Anyone know of any solutions?
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2021.09.27 20:32 Responsible_Army1 What Switzerland looked like in the 1950s

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2021.09.27 20:32 Baxstarr Crawling Underground To My Enemies!
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