2021.10.23 05:37 Kaizer_Dun SHIRO APLAUDE MEGALUL

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2021.10.23 05:37 lazy_bling Is this normal or should i be worried?

Not always but most of the times when i try to launch S/X optimised games my series x takes 5 to 15 seconds to launch that title but when i run previous gen games it immediately starts the game. all my games are digital installed in internal storage.. i have been using series x from last 3 months apart from slow launching ofs/x games i never faced any crash not even a single error its smooth as butter. Any help or tips to fix this issue?
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2021.10.23 05:37 Longjumping-Yam2191 Anyone down to play?

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2021.10.23 05:37 ElysianDreams [TECH] Vahana || Bila habis sudah waktu ini, tak lagi berpijak pada dunia - When this time is up, I will no longer set foot upon this earth.

Bila habis sudah waktu ini, tak lagi berpijak pada dunia
Telah aku habiskan sisa hidupku hanya untukmu.
When this time is up, I will no longer set foot upon this earth
For I have spent the rest of my life only for you.
17 September, 2038 - Garuda 12 orbiter, Medium Earth Orbit 
No matter how many times Starla saw them, the constellations above the equator never seemed to disappoint. Without the atmosphere to diffuse their shine, each star was revealed to her as pinpricks of light, radiant against the black canvas of the cosmos.
There, in the span between her thumb and her index finger, was the three-brother-star - bintang tiga beradik. The Chinese called it 參宿, shenxiu, and the Arabs called it al-jabbar - the giant. The Greeks called it Orion, the hunter; the three stars his belt, the arc on the right his shield. Ah wait, it was on the left, now. And then on the right. And then on the left again.
Starla sighed.
"Aisha, I thought I asked you to stop our spin?"
"Sorry Letnan Satu," came the pilot's sheepish reply, "but Kamau wanted a few more minutes of rotations so he can run his experiment."
Aisha at least had the good graces to look apologetic, unlike Kamau's grinning face on the video projected to Starla's helmet visor.
"Orders from up top, Starla," piped up the East African astronaut, "you understand. I've got to finish this experiment before we get eclipsed by the Moon, otherwise Arusha Control is going to make me stay up here to get it done alone!"
"Yeah Letnan Satu," chimed in Aisha, "it's not like we can get to the other side of the moon, after all. He just needs a few minutes, that's all!"
Aisha's and Kamau's pleading tones would have been a lot more believable if they wasn't struggling to hold back laughter at the same time, prompting Starla to roll her eyes. She suppressed a smile, too, knowing that they'd never let her live it down if she cracked a grin herself now.
Instead, Starla killed her video feeds and turned her attention back to the void slowly spinning before her eyes. Each little speck of light was a torch of fusion and fire, burning away the eons in a field of darkness.
It was beautiful.
30 September, 2038 - Le Bon Funk, Telok Ayer, Singapore 
"So, what exactly did you need to meet with me for?"
The atmosphere here wasn't quite ostentatious, no. It was far too laid-back for that. The fake foliage was tacky, no doubt about it, although she had to admit that the adaptive e-ink wall tiling's current display of a rustic vineyard in southern France lent itself well to the design. And yet there was a certain degree of snobbishness here that put her on edge.
And that was why Starla kept fidgeting on the wooden bench, despite her dining companion's pointed obliviousness to her growing discomfort.
"Mmmfh," he mmfh'd around a mouthful of steak tartare, "you really need to try this, Starla; it's real fresh wagyu, sourced from an exclusive ranch in Hyogo that only exports a few cattle per year. None of that lab-grown shit, not here."
Starla raised an eyebrow, trying and failing to ignore the flecks of shaved black truffle - foraged by a real boar! - adorning her dining companion's jowls.
"That wasn't an answer, Alistair."
The grub here really was good, she had to admit. No lab-grown meats or synthetic marine proteins, just pure, fresh, real food. Yet despite the flavours bursting upon her palate every time she took a bite from this braised artichoke heart, Starla still felt out of place.
The clientele here were the same kind of people who would have looked down upon the Starla of 12 years ago, all skinny and scrabbling for a chance to escape the alleys of semi-rural Yogyakarta.
Despite being the first Nusantaran woman in space, having climbed up that long, delirious, burning blue, something inside her kept whispering that she did not belong here. That she was not wealthy enough, not cultured enough, not well-bred enough to dine at these tables.
Alistair Tan, heir to Singapore seventeenth-richest family and current mukbang star much to Starla's growing disgust, definitely belonged here. Not as a fancy refined diner, no, despite the menu's dressed-up, dressed-down style. For him, this was cheap fast food.
"I'll get to it, I promise," he managed between mouthfuls of air-delivered rainbow trout, "but first, you must try the skate-wing à la bouillabaisse! It's absolutely divine; I bet you don't get this kind of food up in space, eh?"
Starla didn't have the energy to remind him that she normally didn't get this kind of food ever, never mind up in the closed confines of the EAF's orbiter vehicle; being an Antariksawan in the employ of the Angkatan Antariksa came with some prestige and recognition, sure, but it definitely didn't come with enough of a pay raise.
"Okay," Alistair spoke up, cherry clafoutis-adorned fork halfway between mouth and plate, "I guess I've kept you in suspense for long enough."
Starla resisted the urge to roll her eyes for the fifty-eighth time this evening. It was a close thing.
"So you know how I've invested in NusAngkasa, right? Big spaceflight consortium, run by Stratospheric Airships Technology and Kelley Aerospace, that one?"
"You may have brought it up once or twice," she replied. Fifty-nine times, now.
"Right! Well, I've been thinking: we can get up to orbit, hell, we can probably safely get you up to geosynch if it weren't for the fact that there isn't anything you can do up there that you can't do closer to mother Earth. Can't get you up to the moon though, right?"
Starla nodded. This was old news; while the EAF's mass driver-launched orbiter was great close to Earth, its range and payload were limited beyond MEO. An unfortunate result of it not being all that scalable, much like that Garuda Orbital Shuttle balloon-rocket-thing that NusAngkasa came up with.
"So, what if we put together a shuttle? One that could dock somewhere in LEO - I dunno, like either at a space station or just on its own - and then could transfer you from orbiter to a Moon base and back. Or," and he waggled his eyebrows in a most disconcerting way, "even further?"
The clafoutis-laden fork finally made it to Alistair's mouth, leaving Starla blinking in confusion.
"Uh," she began, "just one question: how are you going to build that shuttle? We don't exactly have an infinite supply of rocket fuel that we can send up to orbit, you know. Or human-carrying rockets, for that matter."
The eyebrows waggled again, although thankfully the fork stayed on the plate this time.
"The answer, my dear Starla," - she shuddered - "is the same thing that powers the stars. Fusion. And you are going to be my pilot."
She blinked.
NusAngkasa Bhd. Vahana Transorbital Shuttle NusAngkasa Bhd. will be funding the construction of a transorbital shuttlecraft for the delivery of passengers and cargo between the Earth and the Moon, with possibility for service expansion to near-Earth objects or beyond.
This shuttlecraft will be modularly constructed in Low Earth Orbit, with components delivered via Garuda Orbital Shuttle or Daraja Kuwa and assembled by shifts of Antariksawan employed as a public-private partnership programme between NusAngkasa Bhd. and LAPAN.
The core of the Vahana Transorbital Shuttle will be a monolithic containerized CBFR-SPS fusion rocket engine purchased from Rosatom. This powerplant will be delivered into orbit via Daraja Kuwa, as the Danhyang Ascender aerostats used by NusAngkasa are unable to lift a 30t payload.
This fusion engine will, through deuterium-He3 fusion, generate enough energy to expel fusion products out the back of the Vahana and create thrust. Coolant for the reactor will take up a large chunk of the Vahana's cargo space, although sufficient living space for a crew of 8 will be integral in the base design. Additional cargo or passenger modules will be installed as mission requirements dictate, with an expected maximum capacity of 200 tonnes or 60 passengers to lunar orbit within a comfortable span of time.
Construction on the Vahana is expected to start in late 2042, with FOC expected by mid-2044. NusAngkasa Bhd. and LAPAN will reach out to RosCosmos to collaborate on the Vahana project, building off of NusAngkasa's experience in delivering payloads from the stratosphere into orbit. A total of $2.5 billion has been earmarked to be invested in this project from NusAngkasa's (predominately state) backers.
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2021.10.23 05:37 Medical-One-5229 Traditions/practices within demonolatry

What traditions are present in demonolatry? That is to say branches dealing with different distinct kinds of "demons/daemons" that is to say entities/paths that are related to the darker aspects of existence.
So far I'm aware of: Qliphothic Goetia Grimoirum Verum Quimbanda Cthonic Solomonic(although how they are treated here are questionable) Slavonic?(not sure if this counts)
I'd like to know more regarding demons/daemons (or even angels, as long as they are different kinds of entities) from different traditions so that I can conduct further research.
Would appreciate if the corresponding grimoires or covens/orders are mentioned for easier perusal. Thank you for your contributions.
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2021.10.23 05:37 Flex_Playz Ich_iel

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2021.10.23 05:37 niuz-bot Rata de infectare din București, pentru a patra zi la rând în jurul valorii de 16,5 la mie - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Rata de infectare cu coronavirus din Capitală este sâmbătă de 16,53 la mie, fiind vorba de a patra zi consecutivă în care acest indicator se situează în jurul valorii de 16,5.
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.23 05:37 Cirok28 Projectile Hitbox Comparison - Needs Tweaking for PvP

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2021.10.23 05:37 scottsymo Will footasylum PEB work?

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2021.10.23 05:37 sc_i09o1g Spam group

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2021.10.23 05:37 pocomptonpimp [Question] Anyone remember what tweak gives you separate volume controls for both media and phone?

I used to have a tweak that had both options to change the volume independently on both media and phone. So when I’m on the phone I can quietly keep listening to sports etc and adjust them accordingly as opposed to them both being tied together on one volume control. Anyone know what it was or any alternatives?
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2021.10.23 05:37 DITTO_MON_GAMING With tears in my eyes,i pulled the trigger on my very own mother.

The gun clicked, but nothing happened. The boss came into the room, said i passed the test of loyalty and showed me the gun was empty the whole time.
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2021.10.23 05:37 Quauhtemoc [Star Wars] Is the force lightning electricity? Could I, a powerful Sith who crash landed on Tatooine and ruined my reactor in the process, power my hyperdrive with force lightning?

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2021.10.23 05:37 Winter-Permission564 Apex 42mm can't charge.

Anyone else having this problem? Apex 42mm battery couldn't charge even with brand new cable, yesterday tried charging with laptop/wall socket but nothing happened, screen was blank cos battery dropped down to 0% Today tried charging with laptop port, it cycles between 0% and 254% battery and restarts then back to 0% battery, unable to do anything with the button or wheel dial. Already past 2 year warranty period, local support doesn't seem keen on repairing it even if I was willing to pay, only offered to give 10% discount on new watch. So it's effectively an expensive paperweight at this point, if I bought something I would prefer to be able to repair it, quite disappointed honestly. Might consider other brands as a replacement at this point.
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2021.10.23 05:37 DuskPanthera Basarios: How dare you call me that.

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2021.10.23 05:37 Lyubo8306 Looking for Sony LIV exta spot

Looking for Sony LIV exta spot
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2021.10.23 05:37 TheInsaneApp Don't Shoot, I am a Programmer

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2021.10.23 05:37 Gvarph006 What builds are looking good?

I started with Frye's Poison TS occultist, And I'm straight up having no fun.
I'm looking for something self-cast/triggeattack
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2021.10.23 05:37 niuz-bot Incidența Covid în București: 16,53 cazuri la mia de locuitori. În urmă cu o zi, rata era de 16,54 la mia de locuitori - [Articole]

Potrivit datelor publicate de Direcţia de Sănătate Publică, rata de incidenţă COVID-19 calculată la 14 zile este, sâmbătă, în Bucureşti, este de 16,53 cazuri la… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.23 05:37 Iamivan0905 Trade shiny zacian or zamazenta to your zarude or celebi

Trade my zacian or zamazenta codes to your zarude or celebi
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2021.10.23 05:37 SenpaiCoDMUwU Dudita

Jugadores de espalda a cuanto ms van?
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2021.10.23 05:37 helsbellz After near two years of him away, I saw him

My father, that is. I've posted about him before. He very suddenly the other week called me to tell me he was able to return to the country now he's had all his medical issues sorted. He has numerous, and COVID prevented him from flying back her for a long time because his risk of death was incredibly high, so he settled abroad on a visit to family. Before he left, we'd had a massive fight a few months after my mother died and he couldn't keep hiding behind her or using her as his flying monkey to be abusive and then hound me with 'you should forgive your father to keep the peace' bullshit.
When I pressed him, he threatened to blow the inheritence if I didn't 'remember to watch my step' (bare in mind I am not an only child, so he would have impacted on my brother just to spite me). He also told me I am weak for developing mental health problems because I suffered violent abuse in my house that has turned me into an agoraphobic, rumour mills that ended up with me bullied out of school, threats on my life etc which he enabled and tried to use 'your Mums upset about this, stop hurting your Mum by talking about this' to control me. He told me I 'needed what's wrong with my head fixing' so he would 'find me a counsellor to change how my flawed thinking works.' Arrogant dipshit actually thought I'd report all the things that have gone on and a mental health proffessional was going to side with him, even on lying to police about bruising and injuries I recieved at the hands of my family.
After extensive therapy of multiple kinds, I'm in a better place with myself, but still got some work to do on trusting others, allowing myself to feel vulnerable and managing anxiety episodes, but Im at least recovering. I had the best two years with him stuck abroad, so when he called to say he was back in five days, I felt myself regress massively into a wreck. He went to my brother's house who only lives a few miles away and I saw him. He waved like we're a big happy family and while I wasn't cold, I was definitely grey rocking and not overly warm. Something seemed to have clicked with him because he looked like he was going in for a hug and then backed off, as if he sensed something was different now.
For once, I feel like I have some of my life under my control now, and it felt good to see him second guess himself. I don't feel like he has any power now, and I feel like if things carry on, he may try to ask why I seem different.
There is the temptation to call him out, but I think I'd rather keep my distance for now, still. Seeing him worn out, seeing him thrown off, satisfying.
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2021.10.23 05:37 ricotchet Anyone knows which hotel Xenia was staying? Looking for staycay & this looks good

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2021.10.23 05:37 bigboi40928 Question for the Data Science people

I plan on doing the data science major and, I'm just curious if the domain emphasis that I select will be mentioned on the college diploma. I heard that it shows up on the transcripts.
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2021.10.23 05:37 oxetyl Dueling Function 30

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