Please help, I began to see some yellowing of the 2 smaller lower leaves. Today I noticed completely yellowing of lower leaves and the brown spots on the larger leaves. Can it be saved?

2021.11.26 23:07 Rozie_bunnz Please help, I began to see some yellowing of the 2 smaller lower leaves. Today I noticed completely yellowing of lower leaves and the brown spots on the larger leaves. Can it be saved?

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2021.11.26 23:07 JavaleONeal Wrapmuzik - brutal hiphop to wrap yo wraps to. Wraps>sammiches

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2021.11.26 23:07 Demilio55 imy2- You Make Me Feel Like (Basement Session)

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2021.11.26 23:07 theantivirus November 26 Update: 303 new cases in Arkansas -

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2021.11.26 23:07 -en- @Reuters: Ukraine's Yermak assured of "ironclad" US support in call with Sullivan - tweet

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2021.11.26 23:07 Bus-Specific longest insult on Oh Sir... The Insult Simulator

Your father and your wife will reincarnate as a pigeon and will disembowel you and the nazis smell of Krotchy the Giant Scrotum and your mother is worthless and your son died because of your sister and your mother is gonna burst with piss and your sister secretly adores elderberries and your son dances like your mother and you died because of a lumberjack and your sense of style looks like your favorite Bond actor and your son found a new application for a cat's butt and your wife will disembowel you and your husband has a steaming romp with Krotchy the Giant Scrotum and your son died because of your sins and your country is feeling a little psychotic this morning and your mother dances like some bloody minger and your sins don't like your father and your wife dances like your mother and a frightened schoolboy has a steaming romp with Kebab Made of Your Mother and you pissed on your math teacher and your mother doesn't like your father and your sins will disembowel a hamster and your father admires pictures of Kebab Made of Your Mother and your hat was the meaning of life which seemed intuitive in design docs!
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2021.11.26 23:07 Octavigon_Plays Is This Irrigation System Optimal?
[Location - Florida]

I'm installing a below-ground irrigation system in our new home and am looking for some feedback on this design.
As seen in the image, I have a roundabout driveway which I'm trying to provide irrigation to the interior bend. I'm pumping well water at about 13 GPM and 50 PSI. Based on the shape of the driveway, I believe a bunch of these adjustable 15 foot spray head sprinklers make for a good layout.
Each sprinkler consumes a max of 3.7 GPM, but because each sprinkler would only use about 40% of its radius, I believe I can get by with putting all 9 of these sprinklers on the same zone.
Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time doing irrigation.
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2021.11.26 23:07 hsjnsnsjsbjsjbs Question about Bad Guy *Spoiler*

Spoiler In chapter 26 of Bad Guy Crulden starts a fight during trainer after noticing a male mesakkah and a pregnant human escaping. He is holding a club and looks “He's filthy, his clothing torn and muddy, his horns tarnished” She is “human is dressed in very little clothing, but she looks as muddy and exhausted as he does. More than that, there's something interesting in her scent. She's…gravid. Pregnant.” Who are they?
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2021.11.26 23:07 justtwogenders Poor toddler forced into construction to feed his family

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2021.11.26 23:07 FiiO_official Portable Desktop-Class DAC and Headphone Amplifier, FiiO Q9

Portable Desktop-Class DAC and Headphone Amplifier, FiiO Q9 In the previous post, I have put forward an idea of making a portable desktop-class DAC and headphone amplifier Q9 on the basis of M17. Q9 is designed for those users who mainly use mobile phones as their audio sources, and people who hope to enjoy the strong driven power and high sound quality as that of M17. Of course, as the high cost of main control and display are saved, the price is expected to be halved and become more affordable. Now we have started our appearance design, let's see which one you like (see the below pictures), A or B? Also, we welcome any comment and suggestion on the design of Q9.
PS, Q9 is still in a very early stage of our exploration, and whether it will be formally set up for development project is yet to be determined. So the design/functions/specification has not been determined.
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2021.11.26 23:07 FireFrostDragonTwinz Never Winter Night dragon disciple

My Dragon disciple was from the games Never Winter Nights Under Tide and Under Dark pc game extention.
The red dragon disciples Requirements I meet was with a Half-Elf female Lawful Good lv 5 Sorcerer, discipline 8, intelligance 8 charisma 9. Also tended to get cone of fire spell x5 a day as a substitute for breath weapon x1 a day.
Maxing her to epic red dragon disciples lv 15 on the game Never Winter Nights. Max lv being 20 at the time.
I was always wondering when i would gain dragon form on game. During this point of time it was not accessible.
Found a ring of dragon tranfomation depending on aligmen or class of what dragon you changed into. Due to class mine was red dragon.
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2021.11.26 23:07 Dangerpala Why you can get teamed up with people much higher/lower elo by alot in faceit

I've always wondered why, because in mm at least you can get teamamtes and enemy same rank as u or 2 difference rank but in faceit it seems pretty random especially if u reach level 8-9, when you spectate the game it feels like 2 matches with different rank/skill
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2021.11.26 23:07 -en- @Reuters: An animal shelter in Los Angeles is taking the help of astrology to find compatible owners for its dogs

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2021.11.26 23:07 burdokz 10 arcanist comp

10 arcanist comp submitted by burdokz to TeamfightTactics [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 23:07 Para_Traxx Soon homeless again...

As i saw someone telling people not to send money to anyone on here, ill clarify:
I am not looking for a handout, but tips on how to get by.
I'm a 27 yo dude who just needs some advice.
2 years ago, my ex took everything and left with our daughter and dog. She even moved into an apartment as big as the one we lived in. Her life consists of people paying everything for her, either because he has a family or because people wants to have sex with her. It has always been like that. She has new furniture every month, new toys and clothes to our daughter all the time. Like ALL the time. Almost every time they're in a store, no even kidding. She keeps buying new phones, our dog needs special food because he's allergic and i KNOW that she can't afford all that by herself. It's simply impossible. And it kinda pisses me off that she actually is one of those people who's used to everyone looking at her like she's a fucking god, doing every little thing she asks of them, etc.
I've had depression since i was 13 (for unrelated reasons), I don't have a great relationship with my parents and talks to them like 2-4x a year.
I was actually homeless for a short period last year. I spend Christmas and New Years Eve alone for the first time ever. Although i should mention i lived with my parents for a short period as well. But we're shit together. It only lasts 2 days, then hell breaks loose. After that i start school just to make time fly by and figuring out my next move. Luckily the first day, i met a woman who's now a good friend of mine who told me that her dad has multiple houses and rents out the rooms. So i moved into a room and oddly enough the house (where i'm at now) is a 5 minutes car drive from my ex and daughter.
But even though i moved here (which i really didn't want, but had to), i never saw my daughter. Up until lat month, i've seen my daughter like... Maximum 10x within this year. The reason for that is that my ex has to know EVERYTHING about my life, but as soon as i ask literally ANYTHING, she blocks my number and social medias, letting rot for months before contacting me again. Since our break-up, she just says "I know it's unfair, but that's just how it is.". She is totally power tripping 24/7. I'd also like to add that we BOTH have custody of our daughter, but because she lives at my ex's, my ex has a little more say in SOME stuff. SOME... STUFF... But because someone who's handling our case about our daughter told her that, she now thinks it applies to everything she does. I will admit that no, i couldn't even take care of myself months back. But then i got better, did the school thing and got a job some months ago. But the restaurant i worked at is driven by mafias and i just got tired of everything there only after 4 and a half months. They refused to give me a contract, even after 4 and a half months and kept messing with the employees' salary. So i quit. I couldn't pay rent this month and had to borrow money from one of my friends (which i fucking hate. It's so humiliating. But luckily him and his gf was there for me when my life crashed, so they know what i'm dealing with and was happy to help. Still humiliating though). I haven't been able to land a job this whole month and i'm starting to realize that i have to tell my landlord that i'll move out.
I should originally do Christmas with my daughter at my parents' this year, but i have borrowed money from people, i can't afford food anymore, i haven't eaten in 3 days now, only drinking the 2 2 liters sodas i have left and water and i am reaching the point where i can feel my body shutting down. So how can i give a 4 yo girl anything she'd be happy about. (Oh my fucking god, that line made me cry).
My depression has stuck with me for years, even when i had it all. It kinda disappeared for some time but lately my ex and i started talking on okay terms again and i started seeing my daughter more. So a little more happy than usual. My ex is still a fucking bitch though. My thoughts about her stays the same. She thinks i'm still working at the restaurant and doesn't know that i have nothing at this point. The last time i saw my daughter (few days ago) i had to ask my neighbor (my landlord's son/a very good friend of mine) for food because i was too stubborn and didn't want to lose time with my daughter, even though i should've just said i couldn't have her those 2 days. He was more than happy to help and now i feel like shit because i lied to him as well to achieve it. Sorry bro. All these things are really cranking up the depression-level again and these days where i haven't eaten, i've really reflected...
So the questions are:
Should i call of Christmas and New Year with my daughter? Should i seek help somewhere? (I'm a loser in the system and have some thoughts about how it'll end). Should i disappear and just turn off my phone (which i can't even pay for next month. My provider i mean, not the phone itself?
I used to be suicidal, but having a daughter fortunately just blocks these thoughts for me now, which is a little win for me :)
And again, i'd like to add that i am not looking for handouts or anything, purely advice. So if you got ANY advice on something like this, i'd be so happy.
Because personally i'm leaning towards putting all my stuff somewhere (don't know where), move out, hit the streets and hope that i land a job or figure something out somehow and return to my daughter when i've figured it out. But idk?
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2021.11.26 23:07 BoWhickey Flip3 5G upgrade?

So I'm coming from a Moto G Power and have wanted a flip phone for quite awhile and the Z Flip3 checks all the boxes. I can get it for cheap right now and have been wondering how it's been for everyone?
I'm the typical dad so my phone isn't in my face 24/7. I maybe look at Reddit before bed for an hour and surf the web a bit. I got my G Power for huge battery for when I go out but I loved the camera for the Z Flip3 when I saw it in stores.
I guess more over what I'm asking is are there any technical downsides? Does it shut off randomly for anyone or anything weird?
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2021.11.26 23:07 YetiShmetie can yall make me a Shopping List

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18.
19. 20.
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2021.11.26 23:07 Ambitious_Cod5103 The thought of sexing most of my female friends

I hate this but it keeps happening
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2021.11.26 23:07 Cute-Republic2657 Cross post of my annual turkey hunt with my long time detecting buddy

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2021.11.26 23:07 GailGrant1 [Hire Me] ✍🏻 From The First Day Of Class, Through The Final Exam. You Name It, I’ll Do It. Give Me A Deadline, I’ll Meet It :) Ghostwriter Since 2019 | | gailgrant#7298 | Starts at $15/Page

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2021.11.26 23:07 argtri When was New York City at its most time for you and what made it so?

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2021.11.26 23:07 gmunoob69 how can I improve?

I'm trying to practice singing, but I'm still not really sure what "singing" is.
Right now, Im using apps/tools to practice changing / staying on the correct pitch, and obviously I'm not very good at it. But the rare times my recordings are on the correct pitch it still does not sound pleasant to listen to. So I guess my question is what are some other aspects to work on other than hitting the right notes?
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2021.11.26 23:07 GTRanger1 Wealthsimple Cash: $50 For Signing Up - Takes 2 Minutes (Canada)

Works for NEW and EXISTING users of Wealthsimple Cash. Takes 2 Minutes 
Wealthsimple Cash is Canada's very own Cash App/Venmo! There are zero fees, and they even have their own VISA card coming which looks pretty sick and has many perks as well! It's better to get in early as the $25 promotion is only for a limited time, and while signing up you can grab your unique "$tag" before anyone else does!
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After using my code, go to the promotions tab, then enter "CAMPUS25" for an extra $25 on top of the first $25. You MUST enter my code before using this one for it to work. Enjoy
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2021.11.26 23:07 fun_enjoy Top 10 REAL Cases Of Nurses Who Went Insane

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2021.11.26 23:07 2_Blue It's not witchcraft, but physics: Here's the story behind 'Gravity Hill' in Sterling, CT

It's not witchcraft, but physics: Here's the story behind 'Gravity Hill' in Sterling, CT submitted by 2_Blue to Zampano [link] [comments]