Favorite synth-era Rush album?

2021.11.27 00:23 erenk1 Favorite synth-era Rush album?

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2021.11.27 00:23 Penthact Thief Simulator

I saw HandOfBlood play that and was inrigued by the gameplay because I like sneaking and stealthying around in all kind of games. Idk if it has much content tho. Does it get repetitive?
I had my eyes on Sneak Thief as well but there is no progression in this game. I like to have some kind of progression in games like skill tree's, unlockable equipment and stuff like that
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2021.11.27 00:23 neonturtle123 How to skin zombies using hydrocraft.

I have recently downloaded Hydrocraft for Project Zomboid, and I was wondering how do you eat zeds? I know how to decapitate the zeds and cook them, but I cannot figure out how to skin the zed. I do have a knife on my character too, so that shouldn't be too much of a concern. I also don't know how to cut the zombies up either, I do have the cleaver along with the butcher books.
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2021.11.27 00:23 TheCattyQuestioner I just watched a video about narcissism and it is hitting a lot of points. I don't know if my dad is at the level of a narcissist, but what do you all think?

He doesn't accept fault; he constantly deflects blame. Always has a rational or excuse ready, or someone else to blame.
Disagreeing seems to be his default, either in words directly or tonally. Either I was wrong completely, or he qualifies what I say, either I didn't say enough, I didn't arrange the words correctly, or what I said wasn't the point. Like, oh my goodness, I had no idea the topic I brought up to start the conversation was not "the point." Literally the first sentence. Basically, in general, even if he agrees with what I said, he'd sound like he disagreed. Or he'll say "Well yeah," and his tone will be like, it was so obvious, why did I even bother talking? That started to change recently. Either he was eavesdropping on my therapy call, not sure about that, but the floorboard sounds indicated he was, or because I called him out on this disagreeing behavior. But the other day he said, yeah, that's true. Significant? Yes. So, in general, not great for self-esteem while I was growing up.
Most of all, he was controlling. Only in the past couple years did I realize I report everything to him. While I was growing up, he was very controlling, styled himself as a manager to his kids, not so much in his workplace though. I was on ADHD and antidepressant meds for six years. He'd resort to telling me/asking me if I took pills after an argument (that became his favorite go to). And no, this was not, I'm concerned about you, it was clearly a power play. Once he mocked me by stating, "If you need to take a chill pill...do that." Mockery about pills weren't the only thing he used, but I think that makes the point enough.
One time my mom asked me if I wanted to talk to a therapist when I was a teen, someone to talk to she said. I agreed. I remember feeling relieved and hopeful. Then she told my dad. And he refused to allow it. He basically said no and he left the house in a quick pace to put out the trash, without a trash bag, so idk what he was doing. My mom, with a confused look on her face, left the house to talk to him. He was not even willing to entertain an argument, just 'no' basically, and not going have this conversation, in emphatic tones. I don't remember the surrounding talks, but I do remember that. So, I was stuck with the pills, and being a teenager without a lot of independence, I started to avoid taking them whenever I could, intermittently, which apparently is bad for you, don't do this.
One time he forced me to go to an athletic event (for his workplace or something?). Not the first track meet I'd ever been to, we arrived early, and for hours with nothing but unkind harsh directions, every moment, every few steps, dragged around, accusatory harsh words the only tone. Blame, the promise that I'll fuck up if I'm out of his sight, that I'd tire myself out or something or other. My brothers had basically refused to go, they didn't have plans, they just didn't want to, and he settled on me, his last choice, and he ended up saying, you don't have friends to spend time with, and look, you're going to do this. Clearly a difference of treatment, but I'm not gonna unpack this here. At the event he bought me a coke, I had said I didn't want it, he got it for me anyway. It was just really bizarre. Like I wasn't thankful enough for the coke that I didn't want, I didn't say anything about it, and I was also getting some blame for something or other that I would do if he hadn't bought me the coke...? My memory is a bit muddled, just trust me when I say that it was bizarre. Just constant criticism throughout the day. Afterward, losing the race on purpose was my only act of free will the entire time. Through the excited cheering of parents, his harsh, unkind yelled demand that I run cut through clearly in the final stretch. After the first race, he demanded to know why I slowed down, I lashed out, pretty much saying this whole thing had been an ordeal. He acted like a moody child afterward. I couldn't drive myself back home so I had to do the rest of the stuff while he just...didn't drive me back home, despite saying do what you want then. So, how do I get home?
He'd also lie, sometimes when he was proved wrong. He'd also assume he knew better than other people, not trusting other people to know basic things. Like, yep, I know to put the lid back on. Didn't need that pointed out. Just, really, unnecessary directions, constantly, a would-be supervisor. And he says my mom's name in such a condescending way. When he wants to condescend and he accidently says my mom's name, you know he's about to condescend.
Is he completely a terrible dad? He always gets me junk food, a constant stream of it, even when I ask him not to. He almost always was my coach in futbol, it was never actually fun though when he was involved. Does he care enough to help me when I have a computer issue. Yep. He does help me, in fact, he doesn't trust me to do anything without his input. Yes, I'm being facetious, but he does help me. A lot actually. I even ended up feeling guilty when discussing dad with my brother and become his apologist at times. I can't say I don't love him, or benefit from his help. Sometimes he was the voice of reason when I had an argument with my brothers and he'd side with me if it made sense. I was always the son who said hello to him when he came back home and my mom praised me for this, saying how it meant so much to him. Not sure how I feel about having done this now. Seems like I just made myself the one he could expect to do things for him. Compared to my brothers, I was shy and had a habit of people pleasing. I get that from my mom.
She was the only child of her siblings to get beatings. She did not stand for this from my dad, she often said, he would be so much worse if it weren't for me. I believe her. That doesn't mean he was good to be around. He slapped me a couple times. My brothers don't remember themselves getting slapped, but apparently, he did throw my younger brother once when he was young. Not sure what she meant by not gonna stand for it. Well, she did cuss him out and say she was going to kill him supposedly, and my dad looked really scared, but kept her from going to him while my brother was on the floor. Didn't say anything, just blocked her, looking scared. I wasn't there, she told me about this once, when I got older and talked to her about him, as I often ended up doing after dealing with him. "He cares so much about you guys" is something she often said. He argues/does whatever because he cares.
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2021.11.27 00:23 Joey-Most-Dope WTT H: Enclave Rifles, flamer mod and QE90 ult laser W: mainly lookin for Explosive GPs, lasers, flamers. Will bundle if necessary

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2021.11.27 00:23 THEGordonRamsay Let's talk word count. Add up the word count of all published fics (whether it be on AO3, FFN or both) and post it here!

In my time, I've written a 163k long fic, a 240k sequel, and I'm currently writing the next in the series with 53k words so far. On top of that, sprinkle in one 3k word longshot, and my total is approximately 459k. Funnily enough, this count is roughly identical to the first four Harry Potter books put together.
So, what's your number?
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2021.11.27 00:23 ryanryan39 Don’t Run Away by Bruce (Johnston) and Terry has heavy Pet Sounds energy

Anyone know this song? Such an underrated gem, I was put onto by the Sail On podcast and became obsessed with it. I believe it was recorded during the same time as Pet Sounds and it just has that amazing melancholy that was in The Beach Boys music at that time. I wish it was a BB song so more people knew it!! Not a big Bruce fan either but this song rules
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2021.11.27 00:23 Radiant_Ambition_482 trying to build a new pc with some parts from my old one for around 500$.already have GPU,storage ,and monitors any suggestions.

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2021.11.27 00:23 Touraxus Unions?

Question. What unions would storage jobs work under? They dodge most things by only having 1-3 employees at each site so they can ignore all shit like mask mandates. I'm fucking tired of getting sick,I've have to get my own coverage when I went to the er. What unions do I need to point my way, I can give all of the sites and the ones they to ignore in suffolk and nassau ny. I don't know but I can afford to lose the job, but my brainset won't let me.
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2021.11.27 00:23 Small-Can3519 网投娱乐正规真人实体靠谱平台可以现场视频验证

网投娱乐正规真人实体靠谱平台可以现场视频验证 辨别网上网投真假平台关系每个人以后的利益,所以选择平台就要显得很重要了。一、没有实体现场的平台都是接口平台,无论你玩多长时间,一旦赢钱他们就会封杀你的账号,不给你提款,让你变得一无所有。二、实体现场同步的平台都是有好多的现场客人,因为周围的客人是知道哪里的平台正规靠谱才会去哪里的,不正规的平台他们绝对不会去玩的。三、正规的平台都是经过政府允许批准才可以开设的,所以都是公平公正透明化操作,不存在作假
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2021.11.27 00:23 innerwolf_painter Best Black Friday ever!

IT WAS SOOO SLOW! I got shit done and even forgot it was Black Friday. Seriously, it was slower than most Sundays at my store.
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2021.11.27 00:23 mothlightlegend I’m new to drawing. this is my fifth drawing where I actually tried, how does it look? The card looks really jacked up.

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2021.11.27 00:23 svanapps r/binance - Sorry guys

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2021.11.27 00:23 labelm8 Check out the Holiday Market over at The Hybrid (941 W. 3rd) on Saturday 10am-6pm

Featuring local artists & artisans, along with live music!
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2021.11.27 00:23 sunny_meadows21 Larka doin a scrunge

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2021.11.27 00:23 Dabeano15o I did a thing!

I have Been searching for one in Minnesota for a long time. I found many that had frames about to break in two. This one has a Solid frame and a crate 22r with 1k miles on it. Recently done cooling system, clutch and transmission with receipts from a reputable shop. It’s is going to be a long road getting her to be what I want due to her rough exterior. Parts are cheap and got my first shipment today.
I learned to drive stick on one back in college and I couldn’t be happier. My wife can’t see it but when this baby’s got new shoes, fresh fenders, new rockers, a removed topper, a fresh coat of paint and maybe a lift she will understand.
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2021.11.27 00:23 Kindbear49 answers

Anybody got answers for unplugged by gordan korman
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2021.11.27 00:23 _pruu_ Music

Which music is better
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2021.11.27 00:23 kagankaratas1 Cute🥺

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2021.11.27 00:23 anonymouslyyummy Weak LTE speeds/dropping connections with exclamation marks

Hi all! Greetings from Malaysia, where it is nearly impossible to get a P6P without paying a crazy premium for - it goes up to an average of 1200 USD.
When i got the phone, i inserted my local sim card and the same thing as most people here experienced- the symptoms were as following

  1. weak signals
  2. shows LTE, but maxes at 2.6 to 3 mbps where the phone next to it can get 30 mbps average.
  3. exclamation marks on the signal tab
  4. when i speedtest, most of the time it goes to error and goes to the exclamation mark again, and kinda resets itself.
  5. restarting, resetting, or airplane mode doesn't solve the problem
I was frustrated with it for a good 48 hours. I have used the pixel 3xl and i know it comes with teething problems but i cannot enter facebook smoothly or youtube without pausing a good 10/15 secs. This is a dealbreaker which defeats the purpose of having a pixel phone.
THANKFULLY, I MANAGED TO SOLVE IT - for myself at least.
To cut it short, its 50/50 the phone's fault and your carrier fault. Its the SIM and the APN or the Access Point Network. The pixel for some sort of reason is unable to capture the signal given out by default. So what i did was i added another APN from my carrier to my Pixel based on the website https://www.apnsettings.org/.
Normally when you install a simcard, your carrier would install all the APN settings. But in this case it doesnt. For my case specifically ( along with Pixel's problem) , the P6P is unable to accept 4g signals smoothly. I have replicated this with alternative lines and the same problem persists - being limited to 3mbps.
The only way around it, like what i did, is cross your fingers that your carrier also carries another APN bandwidth for Internet users for computers, specifically broadband wireless. My carrier had a APN for internet, APN called unet, apart from 4g APN.
By changing my APN to the said unet, and ipv4 to ipv4/ipv6, my speed goes up to 100mbps , chewed through my data plan just by speedtesting that POS. However, connecting to other 4g APN just doesnt work by default and if some sites works and some sites doesnt, then its the ipv4's problem.
I hope the above helps you guys with solving your problems, and you guys are welcomes to message me anytime!
p.s After solving the connection problem, the P6P is my daily driver and i LOVE the phone. Everything i ever wanted in an android.
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2021.11.27 00:23 FreeAffection 24m- been feeling blue but no one had a clue

Call me blues clues! Lmao! I’m jk y’all! How was y’all’s Black Friday!? I hope better than mine! I stayed home all day bored out of my mind! All I did was just go for a jog and that’s it. Hoped for my phone to buzz alot but no magic happened, wish I was a magician lol! Well if you wanna chat with me I’ll be here! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! Also I speak Spanish and please be 18+ gracias!
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2021.11.27 00:23 Micah_boy1226 Bro this is so true

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2021.11.27 00:23 BrownieGoth If Islam is so great, why isn't there an Islam 2????

It's been over 1400 years.
God is dead.
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2021.11.27 00:23 yoodoo101 Y'all Been Acting Crazy Lately

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