Why do lesbians go for (in most cases I've seen and people I've known) go for women who are very masculine? Then use strap ons etc if they don't like men? It's a question I've asked before in life but never really had answered

2022.01.25 08:32 TurkeySlapMafia Why do lesbians go for (in most cases I've seen and people I've known) go for women who are very masculine? Then use strap ons etc if they don't like men? It's a question I've asked before in life but never really had answered

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2022.01.25 08:32 Uberbirder “Boneless Avocado” = Politician with no policy or governing agenda. Example, “The Republican Party is a collection of boneless avocados 🥑.” Useless to their species.

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2022.01.25 08:32 wwqt Tchaikovsky #5 Horn Masterclass (Zander)

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2022.01.25 08:32 souf1231 New free platform for entrepreneurs

A new Moroccan platform SBOOST is offering its services for free to students and entrepreneurs. See upcoming events, learn a skill from the free courses, find IT Calls to Tender, and much more other services!
Sign up to the community and post your jobs on display to a fully Moroccan community.
PS: You can also see the different candidates' resumes and contact them if their skills interest you, all for free!
PS2 : If you're looking for a job, find it here by using the sidebar to be as precise as you want in your requirements! If you don't find what you're looking for, check again the next day! 100s of jobs are refreshed and added every day!
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2022.01.25 08:32 Rohan__Kishibe Trading The Waifu Over Heaven Lf:Upgrades Nlf:(Sptw shinies Like baseball sptw etc..,except sptw ova i will think about it)Insta Accept:A tiers

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2022.01.25 08:32 CRAZYCOOKIE08 What happened to all my worlds? The worlds that I’ve spent hundreds of hours on are gone and my settings are also reset. Why did this happen and how do I get my worlds back?

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2022.01.25 08:32 willbethrownaway9 Why would someone joke about Adam & Eve being Jewish?

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2022.01.25 08:32 ninaindie Game Art Contest (11 Jan - 28 Feb)

Hi Everyone,
Really nice Game Art Contest coming up! The challenge is to create the art for an arcade coin-op in an arcade, 16bit theme with a lot of characters 🤩 The winner of the Arcade Contest will receive a 500 dollars cash prize, pretty cool I think. If you like the idea, check out the link https://myappfree.com/coin-op/
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2022.01.25 08:32 i-use-debian-btw First build, i want some opinions and suggestions

some info: my budget is 1500€ the os will be gentoo linux, so ill be compiling alot other than that ill be mainly gaming i dont want an nvidia gpu because ill be using linux and i have a gpu in my current pc that i can temporarily use while i try to get the gpu
link to the pcpartpicker list ive made
thanks in advance
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2022.01.25 08:32 BeastEstreams Where do you “save your tunes”?

I’ll admit I’m pretty Ignorant to a lot of car stuff. I own a 2021 RS and I plan on keep the warranty until it expires. But I keep seeing tuning videos and such on YouTube and was curious how it all worked and if there’s a way to add them onto the prebuilt tunes menu where like the tousport/snow/ice mode are at? And if anyone suggests a certain tuner? Again I don’t plan on doing anything crazy to my car for another 2 years but I’d just like to learn more
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2022.01.25 08:32 Abject_Cobbler_9667 Gratis deepnudes maken!

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2022.01.25 08:32 hamsortams What is that one weakness that sucks the life out of you but everytime you try to smash it you fall deeper into the pithole ?

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2022.01.25 08:32 HairySammoth 100% Serious Weapon Tier List: An Apology [Item Spoilers]

I come cap in hand, with an apology.
Eight months ago, I submitted a post here called the Totally official and 100% serious weapon tier list. It was not meant to be a serious guide, but I'd recently platted the game and figured I knew what I was doing, so why not share some lighthearted thoughts on the relative merits of the weapons in the game?
If you currently Google "Returnal Weapon Tier List" then the top (non-featured) result is that post. I am very sorry. I have since come to understand that the post contained some... errors. I am back, in the spirit of benign obeisance, to put the record straight with some "minor" corrections.
But first I would explain how I came to make these shameful blunders. When I first finished Act I, I figured I was getting over the hump of difficulty and had begun to understand how Returnal works. "I'm pretty good at this!" I thought. By the time I finally dragged my bruised and bedraggled corpse out of Biome 5 and over the Act II finishing line, I had come to realise how wrong I'd been. "Finally," I said to myself. "I have got gud". Just Act III and the Platinum Trophy to go.
The Plat, as we all know (especially pre-patch) is heavily RNG-dependant. It took me a couple of weeks. By that time, my playstyle had changed completely - the freedom of playing "for fun" rather than trying to kill bosses or complete runs had fundamentally changed my tactics. Caring less about dying, I was, ironically, dying much less. "Huh," I thought, "I'm way better at this now than I was when I finished the game. Now, finally, I know what I'm doing. Now I am good."
It was at this point I wrote the aforementioned guide, something I now understand to be an overwhelming act of hubris.
I have been playing Returnal pretty much every day since then. I am engaged in a woeful errand to unlock every single databank listing in the game (only five artefacts to go!]). My playstyle now is as different to my post-plat technique as it was compared to when I first picked up the controller after landing on Atropos. I rarely die. I get to the end of every run with 300% health and generally have max proficiency by halfway through a run. I collect about 25-30 artefacts per run, and can't remember the last time I didn't find either a Resinous Shield and/or an Adrenaline Leech. I have remapped my controls to allow me to bounce everywhere at high speed. And now - now - I can finally look myself in the mirror, draw a deep breath, and proclaim:
I am a complete scrub.
In an attempt to set the record straight, here is the updated and actual weapon tier list:
HairySammoth's Final and Actual Weapon Tier List, for real this time, VER 3.38b FINAL REAL FINAL
(This, er, may not be the final version.)
Here's the straight dope: every single weapon in the game is incredible. Housemarque have created a phenomenally tight shooter, without an ounce of fat on it. The idea that any one of the just 10 weapons in the game would be anything less than lethal is mad. What they are, however, is wildly different. The weapons excel at different playstyles, player experience levels, and proficiency levels (Selene's XP level, which goes from 1-15 in Act I and 15-30 in Act II). So, let's try this again.
Sidearm SD-M8
The starter pistol is strong enough that you can complete the entire game with it, but it's slow work. Throw a couple of traits on there, though, and things get interesting. The best traits combo with each other, so you need at least two: this means that middling proficiencies (I'd say at least Lvl. 5+) work best. Burst + Homing missile synergise beautifully: each shot comes with its own homing projectile, and burst fire increases the number of shots by three. Recently I've also been turned on to a pistol dubbed the PascalPistol (after a streamer called PascalCat who suggested it) - a combination of Shrapnel and Ricochet turns any room into a horrific blender of rebounding yellow death. With either of these you can throw on a Hit Reload trait and you'll just never stop shooting until everything in the room is dead. You can up fire-rate with all pistols by hammering away at your R2 trigger, but I'm old so fuck that. Works fine even without giving yourself carpal tunnel. Can feel underwhelming without traits, which makes it tough for newbies - cleverly encouraging them to try the other weapons. S-Tier.
Spitmaw Blaster
The shotty is disgusting. Eats health bars for breakfast and staggers like an automated crotch-kicking machine. It lacks focus though, but I can sympathise (glances nervously at word count). It really needs either Narrow Maw or Slugshot to make it sing, otherwise enemies far away just don't care. You can get those early, though, so the shotgun is a great early-game pick, being viable as soon as you find it. I generally don't even start opening weapon chests until at least Lvl. 3-4, but it can work even earlier. Later on, you can start adding Explosive Spit, and then this thing goes ham. Viable through all of Act I, it excels early game, but I'll happily pick one up in Biome 5/6 if it's got the right traits. Explosive is a necessity at that point, but even late game the stagger and area damage can keep up. Just avoid Wide Maw like the plague. S-Tier.
Tachyomatic Carbine
God I used to think this thing was underwhelming. It's because I kept trying to use it with Leech Rounds for healing, but it just doesn't do enough to make it worthwhile. In fact, the Carbine is best used as an early-game tack driver. You want it putting out maximum single-target damage - so traits like High Caliber (which I now take over the flashier Rising Pitch) and the distinctly unglamorous Critical Hit. With the right setup a carbine one-hits Biome 3 drones, which is my litmus test for a workable gun. You won't often find me using one in Act II, but lord, as an upgrade pick for newer players or an Act I boss melter for the experienced, it's an understated thing of beauty. S-Tier.
Here we go. I was convinced - convinced! - that this thing with both Portal traits was a game-endingly good weapon. I now barely ever pick it up if it's got Portal Beam or Turret. It's visually confusing (especially when fighting enemies with their own portal beams, like many malformed) and it shoots where IT wants instead of where I want. The real money combo is Serrated Projectiles for damage-over-time, and Retarget to spread the love. Doesn't quite come into its own until mid-game as a result - but can start to sing just in time for those pesky Biome 3 drones.
So why such a high tier? Because those portal traits unlock just when you need them. There's a difficulty spike right about the moment you collect the 'Seeker, and the twin Portals pump out disgusting damage without distracting from your movement and dodging. It's there to let you practice grappling all over the place without having to worry about aim. And it's amazing at it. Once you've got the hang of both, however, you'll realise you're better off using it as a machine for poisoning rooms full of forlorn legless robots. S-Tier.
Thermogenic Launcher
Man this thing was a ball ache to get used to. That weird acceleration curve the missiles have can really throw off your aim. However, in late-game it's one of the most ferocious death-spitters available, AND it has a bunch of weird early-game utility for people who've got the hang of it. The late-game Full-Auto/Replicating Hits combo is utterly ruinous in Act II, capable of emptying out the entire Biome 6 challenge room without ever needing to move, dodge, or, even, aim. And it has funky stuff like Easy To Use and Obolite Magnet which, in return for having to put up with a slightly tricky weapon early doors, can make you completely over-levelled and flush with caaash before you leave Biome 1. S-Tier.
Rotgland Lobber
God help me I was actually wrong about the Queen thing. If your Lobber has more than one shot before you need to reload it, just walk away. You want the one-shot variant. You want Explosive Shot. And you want an artefact called Overload Bolts. There is almost nothing deadlier late-game than a Lobber with Explosive (and maybe Tendrils or Portals for the laughs). The rate of fire is preposterous (if you've got your Overloads down), the damage is filthy, and the area of effect is big enough that you regularly kill critters in the next room over. The Overload Bolts artefact, if you can find it, turns this from god-tier mid-to-late game into a no-effort cheesy room-emptier that shoots non-stop electric death every shot which you don't need to aim and hits through wall. Even without this, though, the Lobber is rightfully held as one of the deadliest weapons in the game. S-Tier.
Electropylon Driver
This is the one. This is what made me realise how wrong I'd been about everything. I thought this thing was incredible - and now, I barely ever use it, especially with Pylon Web. And it's still top-tier. Why? Because it's exactly what you need at this point in your Returnal journey. A weapon that slowly and inexorably wrecks everything in a room. Which spreads electric death AND has decent projectile damage. Which can quickly take out whole swathes of enemies who would otherwise swarm you. If you're stuck on an early difficulty spike the Pylon Driver is probably the exact prescription you need.
So why do I no longer love it? Partly because other weapons outpace it for damage in the late game, but there's a subtler reason: I can't see shit, especially with Pylon Web. If you're playing aggressively - and you'll end up playing aggressively, believe me - then a huge mass of red lightning seriously affects your ability to see what the hell is going on. It still does fine mid-game, especially with Streamlined for a serious rate of fire buff, but I rarely grab one. Nonetheless, the Driver is the exact weapon you need, exactly when you need it. S-Tier.
Pyroshell Caster
Here's what I said last time:

The bad point: it’s slow, hard to aim, doesn’t go off when you expect it to, doesn’t carry enough ammo, has weak upgrade traits, and it does surprisingly piss-poor damage for a weapon that sounds like it was named after a 20th-level Wizard.
Christ what a bellend. The Pyroshell is a level 20 Wizard: it absolutely RUINS and is busted as fuck late game. Auxiliary Projectiles fires a huge cluster of aggressively homing projectiles. Seeking Flares releases a swarm of deadly little missiles, enough that a high-level version can clear a whole mob of enemies even if you miss most of your shots. And Simmering Explosion just calls in a fog bank and when the mists clear everything is dead and there are no corpses and it's honestly slightly scary thinking about what went on in there. Clears out Biome 6 faster than almost anything and can easily do the Ophion Party Trick (more on that later). S-Tier.
Coilspine Shredder
The very last weapon I got the hang of, and I still need much more practice. Like the Rotgland, you want the one-shot version (and like the Rotgland, combos disgustingly with the Overload Bolts to the point I'd class it as "cheese"). I'd say it pretty much needs Retarget otherwise groups of enemies are just too dangerous (especially as you move more slowly when charging shots). But that plus Shattering Disks and Twin Discs is incredible mid+ game, and if you're adept at hitting weak points there's almost no single enemy which won't instantly stagger on hit, and be dead by the time it recovers. Is also a tie for fastest final boss kill potential (the Ophion Party Trick). It' has a brutally high skill ceiling but the damage is there for those that look for it, which makes it very rewarding to use for people who are keen to try something new. S-Tier.
Oh my god, I am so, so sorry. More than anything, the Dreadbound is why I wrote this mea culpa. I completely panned it. Because I didn't understand it, because I was too stupid to use it properly, because I suck. The Dreadbound is, quite comfortably, the deadliest bit of hardware in the game. Also, it sucks. Hear me out.
Early doors, the Dreadbound is a death sentence. By early doors, I mean both player experience and character level: an early game Dreadbound punishes misses with utter brutality. It also doesn't do much to reward hits, being matched in terms of damage by many other guns until its traits start to sing. But then they come, in perfect 3-part harmony: the holy triune of Expanding, Explosive and 4th Shard. Throw in one of the lesser arcana (Staggering or Damage Steal) and something phenomenal happens. The Dreadbound starts killing things and you don't even understand why. I regularly completely biff my shots, and huge enemies on the other side of the abyss instantly explode out of sheer awe. I genuinely can't keep track of the ways in which the Dreadbound does murders. But it's more than that: it insists on aggressive, in-yer-face play.
And that's the real top-tier trait: it ups your game. By rewarding close-combat play, you get piles more cash, you learn enemy attacks, and vitally, you become without fear. Everything about the Dreadbound changes how you play, turning Returnal from a terrifying bullet hell into a joy-filled, dizzying playground. The Dreadbound isn't a gun. It's a patch, for your brain. S-Tier.
So that's it? All the weapons are good? What a milquetoast take. But wait, I missed a weapon out last time:
Atropian Blade
Remember how I said the Dreadbound rewires your brain? Well, it turns out that once that rewiring is complete, something is waiting in the wings to step into the spotlight. It's been there since the start, almost; unassuming, simple, patient.
There is not a single conventional (ie non-malformed, non-boss) enemy in the game which does not stagger from a single hit from the blade. Most enemies die in one swipe. Melee kills net you 100% of the Obolites from an enemy. Melee attacks have invincibility frames.
There's an angry tree spawning in, full of fungal menace? BAM! Melee. A Typhonops is up in your face, ready to punch you to the moon? BAM! Melee. A bat starts to glow an ominous orange, and oh dang, my dash is on cooldown! BAM! Melee. Giant enemy crab?!?!?! BAM! Melee Sword-wielding Severed teleporting right at you? BAM! Shielded turret? BAM! Massive electric dog? BAM! Pile of crystalline obolites? BAM! Drone getting a little close for comfort? BAM! Legless robot lumbering towards you? BA- wait, no, not that one.
The melee is incredible, both defensively and offensively. It can even be used in weird animation-cancelling movement tech, letting you hurtle over the battlefield. The real god-tier weapon was there all along, hiding in plain sight.
And, well, that's it. Maybe I'll be back in six months with another abject apology ("I'm so sorry! It turns out the Shocking Springs are the best weapon in the game!"), but I doubt it. Not because this time I'm definitely right, but because I now realise that isn't the point. Housemarque haven't put anything in this game that doesn't serve a purpose: the idea that any of these weapons are good or bad isn't the point. They're tools, after all, and should be approached as such. They aren't good or bad: they serve specific jobs, and specific users, and the real joy comes in learning to use them well. If you're struggling, or stuck, or bored, maybe try something new: any run where you make progress unlocking new traits is not a run wasted. Happy hunting Scouts!
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2022.01.25 08:32 AlienTechGR Random mountain in Greece, near Acheron River. Shot on iPhone 8, edited in Apple's Photos app.

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2022.01.25 08:32 artcbot Tuesday and Wednesday General Question and Answer

Ask any general questions you might have
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2022.01.25 08:32 maicodon Real Metaverse Gem

@uhivesocial $HVE is the next #metaverse gem to produce many millionaires. Decentralized platform for monetizing content; $HVE2 staking for passive income; NFT marketplace...all in one place. https://www.uhive.com/invite?c=JJ71EJ
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2022.01.25 08:32 Aussie_the_Robot Horror game idea

Your an old timey train engineer operating a steam locomotive and its the middle of a snowy night. Your just about to end your shift when the station master asked you to move a few cars to a shunting yard, you do what your told and you arrived at the yard, shunted the cars and was about to head back when suddenly a tree fell on the main track that goes back to the station. You radio the station master and explain the situation, they tell you that help is on the way but it will take a couple of hours and that you should sit tight, you say OK and radio out.
But then you saw a figure in the distance, you think its a person so you jumped of the train and walked closer to it but as you got closer was no person, it was tall, slender and had slim arms and legs with pale skin and it was growling as it was staring at a very dead wolf, then it turned to you and its face was just one big mouth covered with blood, it slowly walked towards you and you start to run back to the train and it starts chasing you whlie screeching at you.
You get on the train and you look back at the figure and you saw it stopped just a few meters from the train and ran away.
You thought the horror has ended but little did you know it has only begun.
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2022.01.25 08:32 mclarenalanna 4/52 my first 5 star book of the year + loved the ‘controversial’ premise

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Hi all!
I been waiting for the outcome of my Administrative Review since the 11th of August (day that I applied, almost 6 months ago) and I only had a Home Office mail telling me that they are going to contact me when the outcome is ready, that was 3 months ago.
I applied because they refused my Pre Settle Status, and I applied before the 30 of June, and with my EEA Family Permit up valid. (unmarried partner of European Citizen)
I've been sending emails, contacting my MP, and it seems there is no way to chase Home Office.
Does someone who applied close to those date got any news?
I'm currently working thanks to my Family Permit and I am really worried and desperate.
Thanks to all and good luck!
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2022.01.25 08:32 CharacterEvening8142 On that by fredo santana and chief keef music video shoot

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2022.01.25 08:32 Thedudewholaughs https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/60956607704505212156671071939375878109322185422005530505011433294220683640833

https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/60956607704505212156671071939375878109322185422005530505011433294220683640833 submitted by Thedudewholaughs to opensea [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 08:32 Patient_Ad6008 Flight (2012) - At Least I'm Sober Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

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2022.01.25 08:32 sainiyogesh01 Moorex was built to revolutionize decentralization, educate the masses about cryptocurrency and impact business owners worldwide. Moorex is more than a DeFi token, , but the future of decentralization and cryptocurrency.

http://moorextoken.com/ #moorextoken #moor #moortoken.
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